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Just wondering if you’ve taken a peek at my Free Marketing Training vid’s.

I’m just finishing up a 12 step series. They’re short – but very SWEET!

They show up in a few places on the web. Once place is You Tube. Just go to my channel:

Let me know what you think, ok?


Jimmy Davis Rocks!

Ok, so this morning, guess who calls me? JIMMY DAVIS, the Marketing Genius, with Harmonious Marketing! He gave me excellent tips as to expanding my business . . . as well as ‘just getting to know each other’. He really likes my name, its uniqueness. He says Sunshower Rose is a GREAT BRAND!

Ha! Who’da thunk it? This guy, Jimmy Davis, really made my day!

Hey, out there in Cyber Space! . . . ‘Sup??

I’m very excited that tomorrow I will be having a 1:1 phone ‘mentoring’ session with the famous Jimmy Davis of Harmonic Marketing!

I’m looking forward to picking his brain a bit . . . and walking away with some VALUABLE nuggets for my Marketing tool box, YES!!

I’ll keep you posted!

Ok, NOW I’m havin’ reallll FUN! Video’s (commonly referred to as VID’s) are a very natural way to present yourself to the world. I’ve created 3 in the past few days. These ones are about my Marketing Training Series, called 12 Step Program, Marketing Training. And the advice I give is absolutely free!

I see now, that my training in network marketing is allowing me the FREEDOM to express myself, as a leader, guide and friend to those who ‘click’ on my vid’s. This vehicle allows people to pursue their dreams through me, perhaps dreams that are long forgotten.

I’d sure like to be one of the catalysts for folks to reclaim their sovereignty – and go for the GUSTO!

As I say, Let’s collaborate! It’ll be FUN!!