Hey guys! It’s exciting to be here!

I’ve been on You Tube for quite a while. Don’t know how come I didn’t start blogging until now . . . but, at least I’m ‘gettin’ it’, huh?

So, I’m a For Sure ARTIST! Just look around at You Tube, my url and Facebook photos. Lots of my stuff is at these places. I LOVE to draw and paint the human face, as in CARICATURES and the human figure. I’ve created something called ART CONCERTS. Just imagine a crazy artist – like myself – up on a stage, with wonderful dancers doing their thing, musicians – also on the stage . . . and we’re all jammin’! It’s SO fun for an audience to watch all three, MUSIC, ART and DANCE simultaneously! You don’t know WHAT’s gonna happen, right before your very eyes!

So, guess what! I also do ATTRACTION MARKETING! Guess I’m just one of those OUT of the BOX type of people. I just LOVE collaborating with like minded folk – and STATE of the ART stuff!

Stay cool, ok?